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> Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQ page provides answers to common questions, as well as what to do with fitting issues or a brace that needs repaired.

> AFO Selection Guide
Our AFO Selection Guide is designed to help you understand the differences between each AFO and to assist you in determining which is most appropriate for your patient.

> Contraindications to Carbon Bracing
Carbon composite braces are helpful to a lot of patients, but they are not for everyone. Read more.

> AFO Casting Instructions
Making sure we receive an accurate casting is an important first step in the fabrication process. Use these Casting Instructions as a guide.

> Suggested L-Codes
Suggested L-Codes are provided for each AFO. Go to our AFOs page, then select the AFO.

> E-mail Updates
In an office full of paperwork, keeping track of each suppliers' brochures can be a chore. Add your E-mail address to our mailing list, and we'll make sure you're included in our product updates.

> Warranty and Policies


PDF Downloads

> Printable Product Information
Download and print the pdf's for each AFO. A convenient way to show your patients the brace you recommend for them.

AFO Product Line Overview (340 KB)
FlexorBand AFO (344 KB)
Lateral Strut AFO (256 KB)
Posterior Lateral Strut AFO (344 KB)
Hybrid Medial Strut AFO (268 KB)
Solid Ankle AFO (356 KB)

Partial Foot Prosthesis (424 KB)

> AFO Order Form
Please include a completed AFO Order Form (pdf download) for each casting you send us.

> Product Catalog
Download our Product Catalog or call us to request one in the mail. (File is 2 MB, so depending on your connection speed, it may take a while to download. All of the information in our catalog is available online.)




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