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Partial Foot Prosthesis

Designed specifically for Chopart and TMA patients, the Partial Foot Prosthesis restores normal foot bio-mechanics and properly transfers energy from a rigid lever arm to a two-stage progressive resistance carbon footplate. The Partial Foot Prosthesis is lightweight, durable, custom made from a cast and comes with a foam liner, Velcro® strap and toe filler.

Chopart, TMA, Lisfranc

Recommended Activity Level
All activity levels

Suggested L-Codes

L-5020 Partial foot, molded socket, tibial tubercle height, with toe filler
L-5634 Addition to lower extremity, Symes type, posterior opening (Canadian) socket
L-5654 Addition to lower extremity, socket insert, Symes, (Kemblo, Pelite, Aliplast, Plastazote or equal)
L-5785 Addition, exoskeletal system, below knee, ultra-light material (Titanium, carbon fiber or equal)
L-5976 All lower extremity prostheses, energy storing foot

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