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Multi Axial AFO

Modeled after our popular Flexor band AFO, the MultiAxial AFO takes our single axis joint to another level. While allowing plantar and dorsi flexion this new joint also allows varus and valgus motion at the ankle as well. These motions occur naturally in the gait cycle and we want to continue to allow them to happen. This improvement also allows for a more intimate fit for many of your patients.

Available in 4 sizes

includes: prepreg carbon fiber AFO

removable liner - attached with velcro, can be hand washed and air dried.

“C-Fold” velcro strap with pad.

Urethane band technology - Smooth dorsi flexion assist, these are wear items and should be replaced depending on your patient’s activity level

Suggested L Codes: L 1971, L 2210, L 2820

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