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Recommended AFO's for CMT patients




Hybrid Medial strut with Anterior Shell - for patients that need floor reaction to control knee instability





Hybrid Medial strut with Posterior Calf - for patients that need knee control preventing recravatum





Hybrid Medial strut Standard Calf Band - for patients that need knee control in both direction

Why a medial strut design is ideal

Most CMT patients present with neurological deficiency causing foot drop but later progress to a loss of balance. This loss of balance due to a decrease in proprioception leads to a constant readjustment of foot position to maintain standing balance.

Brace design goals:

- control foot drop

- provides standing stability

- correct varus tendency of the ankle

- not to interfere with muscle function or interfere with the rockers of gait

- provide the most minimal and light weight brace to accomplish these goal

The medial strut design provides:

- a three point control in the coronal plane using a supra malleolar strap
- the strut with core material enters the footplate in the arch area of the foot providing great mid-stance stability
- the toe and heel section deflect and rebound providing energy return and a smooth gait
- Three different tops are available depending on your patient’s knee control requirements


Fine tuning the CMT AFO klick here



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